Spatial Queuing Theory with Holes

So, consider a dynamic wireless sensor network.  We wish to minimize the average wait time for each of the nodes in the network to be serviced by new information.  We however do not want to increase the   By using the bounty hunting algorithm we can do this.  I might want to look into routing algorithms.

Consider poison point processes with holes.  When we have a single neighborhood we have a poisson point process, when we have multiple neighborhoods we will have non-overlapping regions where no tasks are generated.  This is where the “holes” are.  Stochastic Geometry is the area of mathmatics which is interested in this.

But, I’ve not really been focused on wireless sensor networks, and it is a bit of a stretch to fit bounty hunting to it (at least as far as I can tell.  My first papers might suggest otherwise).  But with my current direction I have more interest with spatial queues, I have queues rather than wireless sensor networks.  So, there is spatial queuing theory, but there is not a spatial queuing theory with holes!  The paper “Risk and Reward in Spatial Queuing Theory” deals with spatial queuing theory for the dynamic traveling repairman problem.  All of these systems assume a region without holes or space where no tasks will be generated.  This is an important thing in the real world as there are generally spaces where there won’t actually be tasks.  Therefore, I think I need to incorporate the concept of Poisson Point Processes with Holes.  Then build from that what to expect based on the size of the holes and locations.  The holes matter because the distance the servers must travel between the next task is dependent on the size of these holes!

So, I think this is important.  Actually I think that holes might not be general enough.  It would be better if I could generalize to any space.

Algorithmic trading

Wow so it has been a long time.  I’ve recently been looking at stocks again and just two days ago I found a stock and I was like I should buy that.  Then I didn’t.  But I really really should have because it then proceeded to go up by 20% in 2 days.  So, this made me look again into algorithmic trading.  I found a couple really good resources:

Quantopian will let you design your own algorithms for trading on old data and will also let you run it through or interactivebrokers.  I think I like IB better but should start with as there are no fees.  But this is awesome!

Build tools

So, I’ve been learning about some software engineering tools so that I can make my life easier while developing: and

jitpack makes it super easy to depend on a repo that is able to be built using gradle or maven.

travis-ci does continuous integration for your projects.  This means that if you are testing your code you will be doing it all the time.  And well I’m still not sure how to create test cases for mason as it doesn’t necessarily create the same output every time.  So…  But it is still cool.

Speed, Resiliency, and Sustainability these are important to me

So, I have been reading about the effectiveness of the current methods for determining the efficiency of fire stations.  Most fire stations look at efficiency by cutting there budgets.  Their argument is that basically lowering input (the budget) is not a good measure of efficiency.  They argue that you have to look at the value of the property saved

“the mission of the fire service is to be resilient and fast, not necessarily efficient”

Efficiency would mean minimizing costs.  Essentially, this is reducing the budget.  In disasters we need speed, resiliency, and sustainability.  Currently bounty hunting doesn’t minimize the budget.

A bounty hunting system gives the agents more autonomy to chose the task they want to do rather than being governed by the results of the auction.

Would incorporating different types of bounty hunting strategies rather than just maximize the current bounty alone be the most effective approach?

I’ve already since starting this post have created a measure for speed and the jumpship bounty hunters are quite good at being speedy even under adverse situations in comparison to auction methods.

Ethics and Incompleteness

So, I was talking to my wife 🙂 about ethics and the types of ethics.  She told me that there is this form called consequential ethics and deontological ethics.  And there are I’m sure a bunch more.  But, what I have discovered is that they each have a set of axioms and from these they base all of there conclusions.  However, I believe that we here are encountering a similar problem as Godel’s incompleteness theorem.  Basically, a complete and consistent set of axioms for all ethics is impossible. is a link I just found and he references Tarski’s undefinability theorem.

Comps and Proposal Scheduled

This week I finally got a lot of stuff I have been working on for the past couple months to the next stage.  I finally got comps and dissertation proposal scheduled and my proposal approved by the chair of my committee to be handed out to the rest of my committee.  I am so very excited!

Wild fires and resource allocation

I ran across another interesting paper “Resource Sharing for Control of Wildland Fires“.  They have the problem of resource sharing between different fire stations that need particular resources.

This seems like a job for bounty hunting and raffles!  So, we have the tasks of providing particular resources.  Basically people request for a resource by putting a bounty for providing it.  Urgency of the need is mirrored by the bounty.  Resources that fire stations are not using can be put up to bid on in the Chinese auction and fire stations can use the tickets that they have acquired through going after tasks or received via auction to participate.  By structuring the sharing mechanism in this manner we motivate the fire stations to participate and due to bounty hunting being the mechanism we use to request particular resources the fire stations get what they want when they want it.

A similar problem appears in re-allocating food resources between food banks.  The same formula of bounty and auction style system could be applied.

Alexandria and Resource Allocation for Food Banks

The day before Halloween Les and I went to Alexandria and we did some of the scavenger hunt.  It was a amazing warm weather and there were all of these dogs dressed in costumes.  It was really fun.  We ate at Red Rocks Pizza, which my brother recommended, but we found to be not that great.  However, because we were still hungry after the pizza we ran across this burger joint Burger Fi.  There fries are the best and the milkshakes are so so so thick and delicious and the burger of course was juicy and tasty.

I’m nearly done my dissertation proposal.  So, should get back to working on that…  But before I stop, I found a paper “Challenges in Resource and Cost Allocation” by Toby Walsh published in AAAI just this year.  He claims that food bank distribution of food to people is a challenge problem.  This is awesome!!  I would so very much love to be working on trying to come up with solutions to this problem.  I have experience working in food banks and know the trouble with fair distribution and expiring foods.  Well, ok, back to writing.

Getting married tomorrow!

This is my last night as a bachelor!  Tomorrow I get married to Leslie Ann Brown (soon to be Wicke!).  This past week has gone by lightning fast.  We finished moving all of Leslie’s things and Casey and Louis and Audrey came from Germany.  Wow…  I am so excited!!!  I can’t even write in a coherent order.

So I’ll just list things:

  1. Brother, Stephen Emerick, Stephen Kuhl and Cameron Paterson took me to the Taste of DC Oct. 8th for a bachelor’s party :).  Was a very rainy day but fortunately for us the rain stopped and we were able to still do it.  It was great to see my brother and my friends before I’m married.
  2. I showed Audrey the robots at the lab and she likes them :).  I can’t wait to see her grow up and become a Godly young woman.
  3. I made breaded chicken breast in the wok!! They were delicious.

And so so so very much more I can’t remember right now.  I’m so tired.  I can’t wait for the wedding stuff to be done!

I love you Leslie <3