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Well I got a twitter account.  I doubt I will ever tweet anything, but I am planning on collecting data from twitter for use in my Adv. AI class.  Cool thing is that if you google tech5py there is not a single hit!  So, if I become popular 😉 then I will have a monopoly on that search term.  Maybe this post will get indexed even.

2 thoughts on “Twitter: @tech5py

  1. dwicke says:

    Well it has been a year and I have tweeted 373 times, follow 96 users and have 20 followers!!! That is a lot more than I would have expected.

  2. Well it has been a bit longer than a year since I last commented about this and I have now tweeted a total of 641 times, follow 133 users and have 29 followers. So that means that I have tweeted 268 times this past year, followed 37 more users and gained 9 followers.

    For fun lets predict what will happen by 2016 :). I’ll probably tweet about the same possible less. It would be cool to reach 1000 tweets but that probably won’t happen. In terms of me following more people I would have to guess I will add to who I follow by less than 37 users as I really only see a few users on my feed anyway. Probably closer to 20 or 15. I may gain a few followers when I go to AAMAS and Robocup so this year I might maintain the 9 follower increase. However, since that is about I gain even less.

    Also just for the fun of it I have 63 facebook friends.

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