Adaptive websites

In AI terms the user agent’s environment when browsing the internet is their browser. So, if the browser could construct a model of the user’s behavior, when the user enters a website the model that has been constructed could be sent to the website in order to construct a personalized layout etc. Websites could possibly manipulate the user based on the provided model. I think that google already pretty much does this already with its search, but why stop there?

Usually when I go to a restaurant’s website I am looking for their menu. The browser could learn that is what I click when I go to those types of sites.

I could create a website that acts as a proxy to websites and could dynamically change the website for them! So, people go to my website to view other websites. I would create a plugin for chrome/firefox that would develop the profile when they search regular websites when they aren’t…

No, forget the website, just make the plugin! When they look at a website with the plugin running the website content will be rearranged and possibly home page will be displayed! Like in my personal example above when I go to a restaurant website it could show the contact info and menu!

This would mean that the user’s profile could be stored in the cloud or on there computer. If in the cloud I could compare the graphs of users visits and when a user goes to a website they have never been to, people that have that are similar to this person could help to reformat it! Sort of like Amazon or Netflix.

Of course the user could turn off the changing of the website and leave on the learning of the user.

We already have plugins to remove the ads why not do this? Is it possible to do this quick enough that the user doesn’t experience too much of a lag?