Swarm of text

Can we use the Shapley idea to determine if there is a swarm on twitter based on tweets?  A swarm could be thought as a lot of retweets or a tweet with similar words.  We could find old tweet swarms characterize them and use them to predict whether certain tweets will become swarms.  I think the idea is identifying whether a tweet will go viral.  When classifying we can look at the social network of the originators and the topic.  Then we can see which words are most frequent in the emerging swarm.  If pretweeting (stockmarket on the words in twitter) was still around we could make money :).

Is twitter and your (virality index) related to the success of crowd funded operations?  Or just that you know some rich people.

How to bring about a virtual swarm and influence it in your favor is an interesting topic.  Sounds like marketing though…

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