Stochastic Coalitional Game Theory

In my MAS class I am creating a stochastic normal-form game engine and one of the suggested elaborations is to look at coalitional  games.  So, I was like what if the coalition games were played in a stochastic game setting?

So what is that? Well based on these people at USC it is:

A real-world adversary is often a collection of distributed agents that must communicate and coordinate to enact a joint action and whose the [sic] motivations may not be perfectly aligned. This coordination in particular introduces new issues of stochasticity involving coalition structures, information uncertainty, imperfect execution and robustness.

So, it seems they took the location of the stochasticity further than just the games themselves, but to the robustness of the coalition structures as well.  This is one of their technical approaches to their research.  However, they seem to be the only ones looking at this type of game theory and they have not mentioned it in any of there papers that I can tell.

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