Getting married tomorrow!

This is my last night as a bachelor!  Tomorrow I get married to Leslie Ann Brown (soon to be Wicke!).  This past week has gone by lightning fast.  We finished moving all of Leslie’s things and Casey and Louis and Audrey came from Germany.  Wow…  I am so excited!!!  I can’t even write in a coherent order.

So I’ll just list things:

  1. Brother, Stephen Emerick, Stephen Kuhl and Cameron Paterson took me to the Taste of DC Oct. 8th for a bachelor’s party :).  Was a very rainy day but fortunately for us the rain stopped and we were able to still do it.  It was great to see my brother and my friends before I’m married.
  2. I showed Audrey the robots at the lab and she likes them :).  I can’t wait to see her grow up and become a Godly young woman.
  3. I made breaded chicken breast in the wok!! They were delicious.

And so so so very much more I can’t remember right now.  I’m so tired.  I can’t wait for the wedding stuff to be done!

I love you Leslie <3

Update on life

Wow!  This week has been crazy busy.  Last weekend Les and I packed up my stuff from Hildey’s and she had her bridal shower in Hanover.  Then Monday we moved my little stuff into our first apartment and then Tuesday we moved the bigger stuff.  Stephen Kuhl helped with the move both days!  He was a great help.  Steve Aden was an enormous help, he helped move the big stuff with his truck.  He literally came straight from the airport to Hildey’s to help us!  By now Les and I have gotten just about everything of hers moved in except her dresser and one of her bigger book shelves.  Our places is looking nice!

The, yesterday Leslie’s sister, brother-in-law and niece arrived from Germany!  Was so great to finally meet them in person and have dinner with them.  Audrey is so so energetic.  She had only five ours of sleep and was still running all over the house and up and down the steps.  I wish I had that much energy.

This Saturday, if the weather holds up, my friends have put together a bachelor party and we are going in to DC for the Food Fest!

Today, we are planning on getting some of the books onto the shelves and out of the boxes and then run some errands.

I can’t wait until we are married!!  It is so close.  October 15th at 10am it begins and then by noon we should be back to our apartment and married 🙂  Then hopefully things will start to calm down again and I can get more work done.

I am hoping to propose and do my comps in early December so I have an enormous amount of work to do.  Leslie’s freelance stuff seems to have produced a number of leads and given more time after the wedding we hope some of them will pan out!  It is all so very exciting 🙂

Praise God I have a wonderful bride, a caring family and extended family, and great friends.