I’m Engaged!

On June 29th 2016 I formally asked Leslie Ann Brown to marry me.  She said “Yes!”.  In a couple days, July 3rd, that will be our four month anniversary for how long we have been dating.  Before that we knew each other from seeing each other at church for the past four years.  The past four months involved a lot of skype conversations while Leslie was in Germany.  And a number of dates, double dates, cooking together, geocaching, driving around and going on adventures together both before she left for Germany and after.  We are now committing to spend the rest of our lives together.  To love each other, help each other, and care for each other.

So, today Leslie came to the lab and she worked on her stuff and I worked on things I needed to get done at the lab.  But I had in mind that I would propose to Leslie in the afternoon.  I wanted to take Leslie to the parking lot of where I sat in the car with her waiting for the rest of my friends to get there to look at the stars at GMU’s observatory.  Also, it was where she first kissed me.  But to get her to the parking lot there is a Giant in the same shopping center and it was being renovated and I thought it was finished.  However, when I got there it was still closed.  So, I was like “I didn’t come over here just to get groceries to make the meatball sub.”  So, I pulled into a spot close to where we sat in my car those many months ago and asked “Will you marry me?”.  She said “Yes!”.  And then I got out a diamond necklace and put it on her.  That necklace has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now down to my future wife.  So, now that parking lot is also where I proposed to Leslie.  We have many good memories in that parking lot.

I love you Leslie!

Leslie’s Birthday!

My girlfriend, Leslie, had her birthday today :)!  I didn’t get to celebrate it with her because she is in Germany with her sister and brother-in-law.  She baked herself her special chocolate cake, took care of her niece, worked on applying for a job, and had fun doing some digital art for Beyond Porch and Portal (the book she is working on) while listening to a podcast.  So, I think all in all she had a pretty nice birthday, although I wish she was with me!  Planning on spending as much time with her as possible when she gets home :).  I can’t wait!