Cooking when Sick

When feverish and hungry, follow your instincts.  They are raw and ready to be used when sick.

  1. Moist, piping hot chicken slathered in a spicy bbq sauce
  2. Wrap in a soft, refrigerated taco shell nestled in a bed of snappy spinach
  3. Drink warm water or tea

Eat when fluctuating between hot and cold.  The meal matches your symptoms and most likely your disposition.  The effect it has is almost immediate.  It sends you into a blissful state of peace knowing that you are not the only thing here with such a crazy temperature differential.


Of course your appetite quickly vanishes though.  Not really sure why.  Can’t wait to be better.

Emotions and AI

Love and multiagent systems and AI in general…  Love can motivate and inspire us.  The affects are incorporated into an agent’s utility function and it affects the perceived costs versus actually costs.  It is a lens with which agents could view the world.  Is this emotion necessary for AI to function appropriately?  What emotions are necessary?

I think this could be an allegory.  And maybe it could be related somehow to autism and people that have a hard time with emotions.  It might already be a movie or book.
I found an article on what its like to have never felt an emotion: