Exercise and eat healthy

Well I was working out every-other-day and really eating healthy for about two weeks.  As a result I had a lot of energy and felt good, other than the muscle soreness.  This past week I couldn’t go to the gym at all and I started eating pretty bad.  By the end of the week (today) I’m tired, and out of energy but my muscles aren’t sore!  This is crazy considering I didn’t exercise.  Why should I be tired?  I was never tired when I was exercising.  I think I finally experienced the full cycle of benefits of working out  and eating healthy and detriments of not.  Crazy.

So, I’m going to go back to exercising and eating healthy.

Leaf by Niggle

Wow.  That is a good short story.  Really makes you think.  In twenty pages Tolkien is able to cram soo much meaning.  Definitely worth re-reading.  It is amazing that Tolkien was able to move from publishing such massive work as the hobbit to publishing such a small work as Leaf by Niggle.  I think it shows his mastery as a writer.