January Summary Post

This year started off quite well:

1. My friend Indranil passed the CS quals

2. I became a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and got an early 2013 15″ macbook pro!

3. I might get to go to Brazil for Robocup (as long as we qualify)

4. I might get to go to Prague to present a paper at ECAI as long as I can take the quals the week before.

5. I have two paper worthy ideas that I am researching! (well one is a survey paper on heterogenous multrobotic systems and their applications and the other is Dynamic auction protocols for task allocation in multirobotics (this could lead to bigger things))

6. Today I found out that one of my ML ideas for creating new recipes was just implemented at IBM! I couldn’t pursue it because I didn’t have the data, but am glad they did.

7. Learned how to solder (really easy) and make the connector cables for robots (hard)

and probably a lot more I can’t remember.