Skill Decomposition

In a cooperative multi-agent learning environment if a new agent enters the system the others can teach the new agent the high level task which it can then decompose to learn other useful skills.  In the single agent case an example would be teaching a robot to get from a to b which requires going through a door and the robot could learn the simpler activity of walking through a door by exploring its options space.  I think maybe task decomposition type algorithms could be augmented to decompose the option space.

Importing posts

Well I was able to export the wp_posts table from phpMyAdmin at freehostingcloud.  Then I had to change some of the id’s in the exported sql so that they didn’t conflict with those that were already used.  I imported the data into wp_posts.  Then I ran this sql

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, ‘’,’’);

so that the posts would actually work!

Old site


I used to be at and I had to switch because for some reason freehostingcloud took my website and a bunch of other people’s sites on Sunday.  I even got on the forum to see what was up (  Thankfully I was able to still access the backend and get all of the data.  So, I switched to heliohost.  They are much faster, but occasionally I get a 500 error and I just have to refresh the page.